Donate Time 

The Northwest Sarcoma Foundation welcomes anyone who would like to volunteer their time to improve the lives of people affected by Sarcoma. 

Examples of various volunteer and hosting opportunities: 

  • Join a committee: Events, Financial, or Governance. 

  • Volunteer at one of our events. 

  • Organize and host your own event to raise awareness and funding for NWSF. 

  • Solicit and help organize other volunteers for a local event. 

  • Enter a local run/walk/fitness event and use the event for you and your friends to raise money for NWSF. 

  • Write your personal story for the website. 

  • Provide us ideas for the website, resources, or other useful links. 

Volunteer roles: 

We welcome new and creative ideas for volunteering. We will work with you to create what you see as your volunteer experience. 

Please send us an email at  

info@nwsarcoma.org or send us a note at the address below if you are interested in helping the sarcoma community: 

Northwest Sarcoma Foundation 
117 E Louisa Street, #443 

Seattle, WA 98102 

Phone: 206.257.7215 


Thank you for your interest in supporting the Northwest Sarcoma Foundation!