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You can help us be a voice of the organization. Tell us your story. Stories drive an organization and share with the world an experience few have had. Stories help raise funds to support the mission: to provide hope, education, and support to Sarcoma patients and their families in the Pacific Northwest while investing in research to improve cure rates for sarcomas.


Our motto: No one should face Sarcoma alone.

These stories inspire Sarcoma slayers to keep up the fight! Your story can help.

How to tell your story:

• Who you are: Name, age, where you live, activities in your life, people in your life

• How you were diagnosed, difficulties/ease of your diagnosis

• Treatment, research, trials you have experienced


Ingredients for a powerful story:

• Mystery, tension, or conflict resolution

• Genuine and authentic

• Setting that ignites the senses

• You, a likeable character!


Anatomy of a great story:

• Main character introduction

• Problem or challenge arises in main character

• How has our organization helped you

• Call to action

*Be clear about the point of your story and the action

you want people to take after hearing it.

Justin and Chappie.jpeg

Things to be beware of:

• Too much jargon or acronyms

• Too much data

Please provide a high-resolution photo of you to accompany your story. We may reach out to learn more about your story. Stories will be used on our website, social posts, newsletters, etc. See sample stories included. 

Please use this link to download the personal story packet including release form. Please submit the release form with your submitted story. 

Submit your story to

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