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Program Committee Volunteer


The Program Committee is charged with long-range planning and general evaluation of programs. This Committee provides guidance, oversight, and support to ensure high-quality programs and services. The Committee should have a work plan that itemizes annual goals and associated objectives with each goal such that when the objectives are achieved in total, they also will have achieved their respective goal.


Time Commitment

One hour, every other month as a virtual Zoom meeting – Please inquire with Chelsea Winn about the meeting schedule.


Committee Structure

Three – five members, one being a member of the BOD.



Zoom meetings will be set every other month in the evenings. A Zoom link will be provided to you when joining the committee.



The Program Committee is comprised of board members and volunteers who are most familiar with the approaches and operations of the organization's programs. All committee volunteers must be dependable, pleasant natured, and can problem solve. In addition, you must demonstrate enthusiasm, passion, and the desire to better the Northwest Sarcoma Community. Nonprofit/Board of Director organizational knowledge or desire to learn highly recommended.


Committee Role and Responsibilities

  • To oversee new program development, and to monitor and assess existing programs.

  • To initiate and guide program evaluations, which include:

    1. Help define program goals and measurable objectives.

    2. Help create evaluation criteria.

    3. Assist in the annual evaluation of programs.

  • To facilitate discussions about program priorities for the organization.

  • Assist in identifying potential new programs.

  • Assist in making connections and building relationships with potential program supports.

  • Volunteer during programmatic events when applicable.

  • Help to identify others who may be members of this committee.

  • Communicate and document any thank you acknowledgments to volunteers assigned to you.

  • Participate in fundraising activities targeted at raising funds for programs.

  • Communicate to the Board of Directors on the progress and evaluation of programs.

  • Assist in finding your replacement if/when you step down.

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