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Every gift in tribute, memory, or celebration of a loved one helps the Northwest Sarcoma Foundation ensure that

No One Faces Sarcoma Alone.


There are several ways to host a tribute.  You can create a special fundraiser in honor of a survivor who has finished treatment or a survivor who is celebrating a cancer-free milestone. Or you can celebrate a loved one or special supporter. ​​

We understand that the passing of a loved one can be a difficult time.  We are here to provide support. It is not unusual for caregivers and loved ones to call us after the loss of a sarcoma patient. We can help you with crafting a memorial message to highlight this amazing person and what they meant to family and friends.  We can help set up a fundraiser to go out with the announcement.  Friends & family may prefer to give a donation to help survivors and other sarcoma patients rather than send flowers or a card.


Ways to contribute: 

Mail a donation by check:
Northwest Sarcoma Foundation

117 E Louisa St #443

Seattle, WA 98102 

Contact us at 206-257-7215 or email 


Let’s celebrate! You can create a special fundraiser in celebration of a birthday, wedding, anniversary, new job, baby, or home. Use Facebook, CommitChange, or GoFundMe. Celebrate today.

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