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  • What’s a 3rd party Fundraiser?
    A fundraiser planned and carried out by an outside group or individual with proceeds benefiting Northwest Sarcoma Foundation.
  • Who can put on a 3rd Party Fundraiser for NWSF?
    Anyone! Patients, survivors, family members, community organizations, youth groups, faith groups - anyone and everyone who wants to help ensure that No One Faces Sarcoma Alone.
  • Will donations get a tax receipt?
    Donations must be made directly by check payable to NWSF, through a Facebook fundraiser or via our website to be tax deductible. Checks can be mailed to: NWSF, 117 E. Louisa Street #443, Seattle, WA 98102.
  • Can Northwest Sarcoma Foundation provide insurance for my event?
    No. NWSF is the beneficiary, but has no direct involvement in running 3rd party fundraisers. Therefore, we are not able to provide insurance. The event organizer is responsible for obtaining insurance. EventInsurancenow is a potential provider.
  • Can Northwest Sarcoma Foundation apply for an event permit for a 3rd party event on our behalf?
    No. Unfortunately, since we cannot provide insurance, we are not able to apply for event permits.
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