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Bob Ortblad Tribute Fund

Type: Leiomyosarcoma

Location: Left Knee

Diagnosed: 2008


In 2008 my wife and I dropped our daughter Margaret off for her first day at the University of San Diego. The day after our return I had the first of a dozen surgeries on my left knee to remove a tumor. Two years of surgery, chemo, and radiation treatment for stage-four cancer saved my leg and probably my life. 

My wife Katherine and nephew Dr. Andrew Stergachis 

were wonderful medical advocates and my daughters Margaret and Katrina provide loving support.

Bob & Grandson.jpg

Dr. Conrad at Fred Hutch Cancer Center (formerly SCCA) provided world class cancer treatment and Dr. Schlenker at Virginia Mason saved my leg twice with amazing grafts. (free flaps). 

In 2008 when the outlook was uncertain I remember saying “I had a good life”. With a little prayer and great medical treatment from aids, technicians, nurses, and doctors my good life has continued. In the last decade and a half, my wife and I have traveled the world, seen both daughters graduate from college, walked both down the aisle (with a little difficult), and now have two grandsons. 


I remember being a little down one day going in for radiation treatment and saying to the doctor my odds are not very good. She replied, “everyone has their own odds”. 

Bob, daughter & Kathrine.jpg
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