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Keegan, a NWSF Grant Recipient

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

"I just recently had my first post treatment plan scans and I am now and forever cancer free!"

How did you use the grant you received through the foundation?

"I used my grant money to freeze my sperm. My treatment plan has likely made me infertile so having the extra money helped ensure I can still be a parent one day. I am so grateful, thank you."

Do you have any advice you could pass onto current patients?

"An initiative that helps promote a healthy diet. While I was undergoing chemo I was basically told eat whatever you can get down. There is some value to eating high fiber diet that I wish I would have been urged to follow. My pain medication and chemo made me constipated for months. Just think that if I had a tailored dietician that things may have been a little easier.

Also, it would be great to offer guided meditations on chemo floors. Keeping the mind positive and focused on healing is making a huge difference in my recovery."

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