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Peyton--Testimony on display!

Peyton at 14 years old was diagnosed in Feb. 2022 with Ewing’s Sarcoma localized in her tibia. Throughout her treatment she has experienced many rounds of chemo and radiation. However, in July 2022 it was determined that Peyton would have her tibia replaced with a cadaver bone and titanium rod, but this was still a long road. In Dec. 2022 Peyton’s surgical wounds needed extra attention and in early Jan. 2023 we discovered that her wounds were not healing fast enough, and that radiation had possibly damaged her original bone that the new bone and titanium rod was attached to. In late Jan. difficult news was delivered. Peyton would have to have an amputation. In Feb. 2023 Peyton had her left tibia amputated and she has been on the road to recovery since. Peyton is a warrior, and she is stronger than any 14-year-old her parents have ever met. She is going to live a full and incredible life. Peyton plans to be on her paddle board this summer and enjoy the outdoors without limitations.

 You can read more

 about Peyton’s journey on Facebook – Testimony on Display.

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