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Deklin Jobe Bare's Sarcoma Story:

Deklin Jobe Bare turned 7 years old on November 1st, 2022. He was born and raised in

Kalispell, Montana just like his Mom Miranda . After a few months of being sick last fall

(2021) and the doctors trying to get to the bottom of things, he was diagnosed with a rare

presentation of a skull based tumor on November 23rd,2021. On February 21st 2022 he was

formally diagnosed with Ewing's Sarcoma. The tumor has also caused damage to the 9th

Cranial Nerve causing speech changes as well as the need for a G/JTube for his source of

nutrition. His tumor had a fast growth rate and began to press into his brain stem and caused

him to become very Ill there was no other option then to treat it so on February 24th he started

his first round of Chemotherapy. He has had consecutive Chemotherapy treatments every 2

weeks for the last year 5 days on chemo, a week off .On for 3 days and a week off .With lab

draws and neupogen shots in-between .After his 5th treatment in Kalispell, Montana which

was the first week of May he went to Denver Children's Hospital where he continued his

Chemotherapy treatments just like in Montana but in addition, start targeted radiation

treatments. When those were completed, we made our way back to Kalispell to finish out the

remainder of Chemotherapy. Deklin has been nothing but Strong and Brave. He's a true

worrier . #FightLikeABare

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