Want to rally your friends, family, neighbors and community to support the critical work of The Northwest Sarcoma Foundation?

Thank you. 


Third-party events (you organize, plan and execute the event) help us serve even more sarcoma patients and their families throughout the NW.

To get started with planning a 3rd party event, please contact us by email
You'll find information, event ideas, a sample timeline and more on this page to help you have a successful event.

If you’re interested in creating an online fundraiser, you can use one of these websites:

It's a great way to celebrate birthdays, weddings, anniversaries or any occasion!

For information on Tribute and Honorary gifts, please visit this page.

3rd Party Events FAQs:

  • What’s a 3rd party Fundraiser?  A fundraiser planned and carried out by an outside group or individual with proceeds benefiting Northwest Sarcoma Foundation.


  • Who can put on a 3rd Party Fundraiser for NWSF?  Anyone!  Patients, survivors, family members, community organizations, youth groups, faith groups - anyone and everyone who wants to help ensure that No One Faces Sarcoma Alone.


  • Will donations get a tax receipt? Donations must be made directly by check payable to NWSF, through a Facebook fundraiser or via our website to be tax deductible.  Checks can be mailed to: NWSF, 117 E. Louisa Street #443, Seattle, WA 98102. 

  • Can Northwest Sarcoma Foundation provide insurance for my event?  No.  NWSF is the beneficiary, but has no direct involvement in running 3rd party fundraisers.  Therefore, we are not able to provide insurance. The event organizer is responsible for obtaining insurance.  EventInsurancenow is a potential provider.

  • Can Northwest Sarcoma Foundation apply for an event permit for a 3rd party event on our behalf?  No.  Unfortunately, since we cannot provide insurance, we are not able to apply for event permits.

Party & Event Ideas
  • Bake Sale or Lemonade Stand - get the kids get involved in helping others or set up your sale at the office for a sweet break.

  • Garage or Yard Sale - make it a neighborhood sale!  Clean out your basement while making a difference.

  • Cocktail or Dinner Party - invite your friends, serve some drinks or partner with a local restaurant or chef for even more fun.

  • Trivia, Comedy or Karaoke Night - work with a local business, or even host it at your house.  Fun and fun-draising all at the same time.

  • Jeans or Casual Day - go casual at work to raise funds.

  • Softball / Golf / Miniature Golf Tournament - are sports your passion? 

  • Car Wash - A soapy fun way to get kids involved too.

  • Gift Wrapping - set up a wrapping station at the holidays to wrap presents for a donation.

  • Bike / Trike / Rollerblade -a-thon - get everyone rolling to support sarcoma patients.

  • Movie Party - invite your friends for a favorite flick, popcorn and a good cause.

  • Birthday or Family Milestone Party - mark your special occasion by asking for donations in lieu of gifts.

  • Host a Work Party- wash windows or detail cars to benefit NWSF.

  • Have a Shopping Party at a Local Store- ask a local store to host a party at their store with a percentage of sales going to NWSF.

3rd Party Event Guidelines
  1. All 3rd party fundraising events and activities must be in alignment with NWSF’s mission, vision and values.  We reserve the right to deny a 3rd party fundraiser or activity that’s not a fit for our organization.

  2. If your event will require a permit and/or insurance then we need to talk with you before you begin planning.   Please email us at to tell us about your ideas, ask questions, and get the official thumbs up. We want to help you be successful so contact us right away. 

  3. Any raffle/lottery/gambling/drawing related activities need to be discussed with us.  Each state has specific rules around these activities and we want to make sure that you’re in compliance.

  4. NWSF cannot guarantee staff or board attendance at 3rd party events.  We will try our best to make it if we’re available, but we can’t promise.  Please take pictures and share with us!

Sample Planning Checklist

Three Months Out

  • Contact NWSF

  • Set a fundraising goal

  • Confirm location, date & time

  • Secure permits & insurance  (EventInsuranceNow is one option)

  • Form a planning committee

Two Months Out

  • Create promotional pieces such as posters and social media posts & ads

  •  Set up a fundraising page via Facebook or on our online giving platform

  • Gather photos, stories & interesting details to share every week

  • Secure donors, sponsors & raffle items for event

  • Set up event registration page.  There are several free options: Eventbrite, Evite and Anyvite  (Note:  there are credit card processing fees for payments)

  • Share the registration link with NWSF and on social media

  • Email your friends, family, coworkers and neighbors

  • Confirm t-shirts or other items that will be included in the event

  • Confirm speakers, entertainment and food & drink

  • Confirm restrooms and signage

  • Create a sign-up page for volunteers to help.  SignUpGenius or YourVolunteers are free options.  Promote online

One Month Out

  • Promote event

  • Put up posters and information at community locations

  • Collect donated items and use the NWSF procurement form for donation tax receipts

  • Share stories on social media sites

  • Invite sponsors to participate in the event, host a table with information, help with a water station, or give out awards

  • Post weekly updates about event

One Week Out

  • Rally your participants with a countdown to the event

  • Alert media outlets about the event

  • Remind participants of final event details and share a photo sharing page for participants to upload photos.  Flickr and Google Photos are free options

  • Designate 2 people to handle funds at the event. If you plan to accept payments (for donations or registrations) onsite, we can help you set up a PayNOW for Stripe App on your smartphone

  • Confirm all speakers, food, location and entertainment

  • Create signs with arrows to help participants find your event

Day of Event

  • Set up 2 hours before the event. Put up signs first

  • Have volunteers arrive 1 hour before the event

  • Take photos and videos of the event and post on social meda. Post a live video on Facebook or Instagram to share what is happening in real time

  • Be sure to publicly thank your sponsors and donors

Day After Event

  • Thank all sponsors and donors, share $ raised and photos

  • Recover!

Week After Event

  • Forward all funds collected at the event to NWSF

  • Forward all donor procurement forms to NWSF

Northwest Sarcoma Foundation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.


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