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Volunteer Spotlight Calleigh

Calleigh volunteers in honor of dragonslayer Holly Bruno. Calleigh spreads Holly message that "Love is everywhere" and is helping fight sarcoma. Please read Calleigh's note about why she volunteers. Thank you Calleigh for helping to ensure no one faces sarcoma alone.

Hi! I am Calleigh and I am 10 years old. I am so glad to be involved and helping with the NWSarcoma Dragonslayer Walk. I got involved with NWSarcoma Dragonslayer Walk last year. It was to support my friend Holly Bruno who has been diagnosed with a type of Sarcoma cancer.

When Holly was spending a lot of time at the hospital, when she was first diagnosed, family and friends would come visit and write notes to Holly on a whiteboard in her hospital room. On her whiteboard that was full of messages Holly wrote the words Love is Everywhere, which is a very important quote to Holly’s friends, family, classmates and almost everyone she knows. It has inspired us all to show love and look for love. Even if you drive by Holly’s school it says Love is everywhere across the fence.

In 4th grade Holly started doing chemotherapy again after doing it in most of 3rd grade because her cancer had returned. But sadly the treatment wasn’t working and the doctors couldn’t find a cure for Holly’s cancer. She took one last radiation treatment but as a family they decided together to let her stop chemo or radiation and enjoy the time that she has left. In these recent 6 months Holly has found the joy in every moment and shown people love, joy and so much more. I think everyone who knows Holly thinks she is a miracle and is so inspired by her. Holly is someone I will never ever forget no matter how long I live and I am so glad I am her friend. We all love Holly so much and I am glad to be helping this year in the Dragonslayer Walk in honor of my inspiring friend! I want to be part of finding a cure for cancer. #loveiseverywhere

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