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Tom looks forward to getting more involved!

Updated: Mar 14, 2023

My name is Tom Augustyniak . Sweetest guy you’ve ever met. Saint like really! I’m a great supporter, I’m kind, and very gentle, definitely on the quiet and introverted end of things. Pictured with me is my first grand-baby. She makes my heart skip many beats and fills my face up with glorious smiles. She makes my eyes twinkle and my whole body glows with joy. I’ve got two kids of my own, a girl and a boy. Best kids ever, I’m incredibly proud of both of them and love them dearly. Not only that they are my best friends, asides for my wife who’s writing this while I sleep. Anyways, I came to know the Northwest Sarcoma Foundation only recently when it became known that I have a recurrence of my cancer. Can’t say I’m happy about it, but I can say that in the short time I’ve had to wrap my head around all what’s going down, The NW Sarcoma Foundation has offered support monetarily, educationally, and spiritually. I look forward to learning more about the many volunteer and entertainment opportunities you have in store for us.

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