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Steve, a NWSF Grant Recipient

Updated: Mar 13, 2022

My name is Steve Hudspeth. I'm 59 years old and live in Junction City Oregon. I'd like to start my story by letting you know life is all about heart beats. Everyone is born with a certain amount of heart beats but no one really knows for sure how many. In 2017, I was diagnosed with colorectal cancer. Treated with radiation, chemo-therapy and major surgery I thought that I could put this behind me. I was wrong. On December 23rd, 2020 I was diagnosed with sarcoma cancer involving my tailbone. Finding out you have cancer is one of the worst things you will probably ever hear in a lifetime. Finding out you have it a second time is devastating. The team of doctors we have in our local area quickly realized that we were going to need a special type of radiation and surgery. They referred us to SCCA Proton Therapy Center to slow the cancer down before surgery. Like I said in the beginning, life is all about heart beats. When you are surrounded by good people you will make better use of your heart beats. My wife and I have been married for 39 years and have been through some very difficult times together. Nothing compares to this. We quickly realized that the team of people that had been put together for the treatments and surgery are some of the most caring and compassionate people we have ever met. We went to the proton radiation center twice a day for two and a half weeks and every day we were treated with the utmost respect and care. After the treatment the doctors ordered more scans and testing. They were able to determine the cancer was slowed down enough to preform the major surgery required. The surgery team and Doctors that are lined up are some of the most professional people we've met as well. Although we are quite anxious and nervous everyone on this surgery team has put our hearts at ease. With six surgeons and two full days of surgery I am confident we will beat this cancer. With this type of support team and group effort I truly believe we can extend my heart beats 💓. Steve Hudspeth [ November 3rd, 1961 - ??? Heart still beats] Treat every day like your running out of heart beats and surround yourself with good people.

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Steve, I hope the best for you and your family. Thank you for letting me work for you I really appreciate it . You really looked over your mechanics when I worked for you and I'm fortunate to have been one of them. I wish the best for you and your family.

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