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Robert’s Story of Love

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

Robert is a 55 year-old self-employed tile setter who started experiencing lower back and stomach pain and was told by three different physicians over three months that he had a swollen prostate and bladder. He went to a chiropractor who questioned whether he had a tumor by looking at a copy of an MRI. In May 2019, physicians at UW Medical Center diagnosed Robert with an undifferentiated sarcoma. He immediately started an aggressive treatment plan.

Newly engaged, Robert and his fiancé had planned to postpone their 4th of July wedding until all the town residents chipped in to organize the nuptials. Neighbors donated flowers, cleaned the house and even mowed the yard. Local restaurants donated food and chefs volunteered to cook. There was even a goat at the event to bring the newlyweds good luck. After the ceremony and reception, Robert returned to the hospital to complete the first stage of his treatment plan.

Robert will be in radiation treatment for the month of December 2019. He says. “I am going to make it and I am going to beat this thing. My family and friends have been by my side and are helping me to keep up this fight.” His goal is to complete treatment and participate in the NWSF Seattle Dragonslayer Walk on May 30, 2020. He wants to walk the whole route.

Medical treatment has been way more of a financial hit than Robert was prepared to take. He will be selling his house, his boat and most of his personal belongings to raise money to pay for medical bills.

Robert would like to thank everyone who contributes to NWSF to support patient grants. This money will help Robert to buy food and put money towards paying his mortgage.

Update: Sadly, Robert passed away in March 2020.

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