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Jeff and his Caretaker, Anita

Jeff, a Help$ grant recipient, was receiving treatment for epithelioid pelvic variant Sarcoma from SCCA, OHSU, and cancer treatment centers in the Tri-Cities, Spokane, and Eastern Oregon. Anita, his wife, coordinated care between each entity to get the best results for Jeff. While Jeff was in treatment, he was chosen for a clinical trial through OHSU. Jeff felt compelled to testify before the FDA about clinical trials. Anita is convinced that she had Jeff with her longer due to the trial. So much so, she has since testified not once but twice on behalf of Sarcoma clinical trial research. At one of the Dragonslayer Walks this fall, a pharmaceutical representative recognized Anita from her testimony. She again shared her thanks for Sarcoma clinical trial research.

Anita was Jeff's caretaker throughout his 9-year battle, she found a way to share her knowledge through leading our Casual Chat Caregivers group while participating as a member of the Bereavement Casual Chat group. The latter helped her process after her husband’s passing in April 2020. Anita is an advocate not only for NW Sarcoma programs but for Sarcoma researchers too. Anita lives in Hermiston, Oregon but has family all throughout the Pacific Northwest.

Anita, Jeff’s care team, and the NW Sarcoma Foundation believe that no one should face Sarcoma alone. With the PNW research and care teams fighting for our patients, we will be able to continue the work of providing hope, education, and support to Sarcoma patients, Sarcoma survivors, survivors of Sarcoma angels, and their families in the Pacific Northwest, while investing in research to cure Sarcomas.

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