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I believe in the power of God

Updated: Mar 13, 2022

Hi, my name’s Mari. I’m 50 years old. I am a liposarcoma cancer survivor. This is a rare type of cancer. It can occur in the muscles, limbs, or abdomen. Mine was in the abdomen. Still fighting, thank God, I’m feeling better day by day.

I have no idea when this cancer started but 2 years ago, I felt some pain on the right side of my abdomen. The pain usually came and went.

Since my family never manifested this disease, through generations, I would never imagine that pain was cancer.

Another thing to consider is that my food was always reasonable. I use to avoid sugar, gluten, or “junk food”.

But in January '21, at the beginning of this year, after a scan and biopsy, I received the diagnosis: the pain was liposarcoma cancer. Faced with the devastating news, I started my treatment at the University of Washington Medical Center. But my situation wasn’t favorable. The tumor was large and caused a hole in my stomach. The pain was much more strong, and my belly expanded.

Since liposarcomas aren’t common tumors and the main treatment is surgical, my case was pretty serious. There was no chance for me. The tumor was large and chemotherapy couldn’t work it. Doctors said the prognosis was difficult. What I had left was to go back home and wait for death in 1 or 2 months.

So, at the request of my family, the doctors decided to proceed with the treatment. I had 6 cycles of chemotherapy.

By a miracle, I am still here, because family, friends, myself, and a lot of people had prayed to God on my behalf. I believe in God’s power. The tumor shrank, and death didn’t happen.

At the moment doctors can’t do surgery to remove the rest of the tumor. However, I have faith in God that it’ll be possible soon.

I’ll never forget this time of my life when I could experience the practice of charity, love, and compassion. I’ve been helped by many people. At this moment I'm living in a friend's apartment.

And most of all, there is God, who gave me another life’s chance; so I can experience his miracle, and I believe that he will give me more than I’ve expected.

I can consider myself a lucky person because I’ll live to tell people about God’s power that made the impossible possible. And I will be able to help many others who, like me, are facing this terrible disease.

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