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Executive Director

I am passionate about the Northwest Sarcoma Foundation (NWSF) and our mission to provide hope, education and support to sarcoma patients throughout the Pacific Northwest.

I am excited about HELP$, our patient grant program, as well as the family nights and patient education conferences that we offer in partnership with regional healthcare systems.  

I have dedicated most of my career to working for organizations that transform people's lives. It is gratifying to be a part of a team dedicated to funding research and the delivery of innovative therapies. 

I started my career as a K-12 teacher and gravitated to health education and then higher education. I have also been fortunate to lead and grow regional nonprofit organizations. For me,  NWSF is about relationships. I look forward to each NWSF event and the opportunity to meet new people and gather ideas to help more patients and fill unmet needs.  

My hobbies: Travel and learning new cultures, cooking and baking.  I am an avid canner and look forward to canning season (June- September) each year. 

My motto:  For those to whom much has been given, much will be expected.