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The American Cancer Society and the American Society of Clinical Pathologists recommend a second opinion for cancer diagnosis. The modest effort and expense necessary to obtain a consultation can be rewarded by the comfort of knowing that an original diagnosis was indeed correct. On the other hand, an erroneous diagnosis can be detected so that unnecessary and potentially damaging treatments can be avoided.

The best way to be certain that your pathology report is correct, is to get a second opinion. Yes, you can get a second opinion on your pathology, just like you can get a second opinion from a doctor about any medical condition. If you are not being treated by a multidisciplinary sarcoma group, then it is MORE reasonable to have your slides sent to a facility that has expertise in diagnosing sarcoma. Sarcoma can be very difficult to diagnose, and has many discreet features that can easily be missed thus affecting treatment options and choices. See the Where to go for treatment section for a list of places where you can have your pathology sent for a second opinion. Also in the Other Resources section is a website address to a pathology specialist web site.

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