Finance Committee Volunteer


The finance committee is responsibility for ongoing review of all financial statements and financial activity and reports to the board of directors.  

Time Commitment 

One hour, every month prior to BOD meeting to ensure BOD financial reports are accurate. 

Committee Structure 

Three – five members, one being the Treasurer of the BOD. 


Zoom meetings will be set monthly in the evenings, TBD. 


All volunteers must be dependable, pleasant natured and can problem solve. In addition, you must demonstrate enthusiasm, passion, and the desire to better the Northwest Sarcoma Community. Finance knowledge or desire to learn highly recommended. 

Key Responsibilities 

The work of the committee revolves around the following areas: 

Financial Monthly Activity 

  • Reviews organizations revenues and expenses at a monthly committee meeting. 

  • Ensure the organizational funds are spend appropriately, paying close attention to restricted funds and donor directed funds. 

  • Regularly review the organization’s revenues and expenditures, balance sheet, investments and other matters related to its continued solvency. 

  • Provide support to staff as needed. 

Finance Annual Budget 

  • Provide direction for the entire board for fiscal responsibility. 

  • Create and approve an annual budget. 

  • Submit annual budget to the board of directors for final approval. 


Financial Investments Activity and Overview 

  • Ensure the maintenance of an appropriate capital structure. 

  • Develop an investment strategy. 

  • Oversee the maintenance of organizational-wide assts, including prudent management of organizational investments. 


Financial State and Federal Tax Requirement Reporting 

  • Monitor compliance with state and federal filing requirements. 

  • Assist in filing of all state and federal tax reporting requirements. 

  • Ensure the preparation of an annual audit, tax form (990), and audited financial statements.