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Individuals must meet all of the following requirements to be eligible for a financial assistance grant from the Northwest Sarcoma Foundation.

  1. Northwest Resident - the patient must reside full-time in Washington, Oregon, Alaska, Montana, or Idaho, and those who are being treated at a designated Sarcoma Center in Oregon or Washington.

  2. Sarcoma Diagnosis - the patient must have received a diagnosis of any form of Sarcoma cancer by a qualified medical professional.

  3. Active Treatment - the patient must be in active treatment or attended a diagnosis related appointment within the last 8 weeks.

  4. Financial Situation - the patient’s annual household income may not exceed 400% of the calculated Federal Poverty level.

  5. Annual Maximum - the patient’s yearly grant total may not exceed $500. Repeat grant may be requested 6 months following the previous grant. with a maximum of $500 per year.

  6. Lifetime Maximum - grants may not exceed $1,500. This is roughly 3 grants in a lifetime.


Grant size:

  • Help$ Program, $250 per grant.


Updated on 01-03-2023

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