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Director of Programs

I am thrilled to be a part of the Northwest Sarcoma Foundation team! I appreciate the opportunity to partner with patients, families and medical professionals to support their needs in the fight against Sarcoma. I am excited to help foster a community for patients and survivors through NWSF’s various programs and events. Programming that is patient and family focused is essential to creating this community. I believe creating access to fun events and fundraising opportunities allows for everyone to contribute and enjoy their part in the cause.


Some of my career has been supporting families and youth involved with various systems. I have seen and helped families navigate the complexity of these systems. I have enjoyed developing programs to ease or improve their experiences during these challenging times. I believe everyone has a unique story, which is a gift when shared. I am grateful to have been privy to and a part of so many stories.

I enjoy my fellow Portlanders, many who are at work making our world a better place to live. Sometimes I do this while gathering at one of the many local eateries with friends and family.

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