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By way of introduction, I am both a physician and a sarcoma survivor. As a physician, I am an internist, pain medicine specialist, naturopathic physician, and Chinese medicine doctor. Needless to say, this background has introduced me to a broad swath of both conventional and alternative treatments.

As a patient, I had a chondrosarcoma resected from my right hip, and a ‘long stem prosthesis' inserted on July 19, 2007. I wish I could offer you an alternative medicine cure for sarcoma, but I have no such miracle up my sleeve. If not for the expert surgical care of Dr. Ernest Conrad and his team at the University of Washington, I would not be healthy and disease free as I am today.

What I can offer you, however, is a protocol I have used not only on myself, but on many of my patients, to accelerate and enhance post-operative recovery. I have seen this protocol (at times modified depending upon the surgery and individual patient) facilitate recovery from a wide variety of surgical procedures.

With respect to my personal anecdotal surgical recovery experience, despite having a large tumor which required the excision of nearly half my femur and quite a bit of the surrounding soft tissue, I was off all pain medication (including aspirin, acetaminophen, or NSAID's) within 48 hours. The bleeding from my drains decreased rapidly and they were pulled after 4 days (considerably shorter than usual).

Most remarkably, though, has been my long term recovery. Due to the extent of the tumor, and the current state of technology, the only muscles that could be reattached to the prosthesis were gluteal muscles secured by two cables, one of which broke shortly after the surgery. Despite this, Dr. Conrad was surprised to see that at my 6 month follow-up, I had function not only of the gluteals, but of other important hip muscles, such as the psoas, iliacus, and adductors. The only plausible explanation he could offer was that these muscles had attached themselves directly to the titanium shaft of the prosthesis. He noted that this had been seen in rabbit models, but not in humans! (I do like carrots, but have only two children, and...well, we'll leave it at that).

I am now fortunate enough to walk without a cane (except for long excursions), I can climb stairs with my effected leg, and can arise from a full Asian-style squat without supportive assist. No, my hip is not 'as good as new:' I will never run again, and when I get tired I have a visible limp. Nevertheless, my functional recovery has been beyond my as well as my surgeon's expectations.

For more information on Dr. Newman's sarcoma surgery recovery protocol or supplements, please identify yourself as a sarcoma patient, and e-mail your request to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Daniel I Newman, M.D., N.D., M.S.O.M.
Diplomate, American Board of Internal Medicine
Diplomate, American Board of Pain Medicine
Diplomate, North American Board of Naturopathic Examiners

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